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Access proprietary products and technology that allows your clients to quote, apply, obtain instant approval, and even print their policies right from your website.Check out how the “SWYS I-Genius Platform” can help your practice today!And though heaven be called His throne, not even thus is He contained, but He rests delighted in the creation.It is clear, then, that the truth has been hidden from us; and if that has been already shown by one example, we shall establish it a little after by several more.Those they have stolen are to be pointed out, that we may thereby pull down their conceit; and of those on the discovery of which through investigation they plume themselves, the refutation will be furnished.

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As Scripture has called the Greeks pilferers of the Barbarian philosophy, it will next have to be considered how this may be briefly demonstrated.Accordingly, the Barbarian philosophy, which we follow, is in reality perfect and true. and into the thick darkness where God's voice was, pressed to enter — that is, into the inaccessible and invisible ideas respecting Existence.And so it is said in the book of Wisdom: You have, in brief, the professed aim of our philosophy; and the learning of these branches, when pursued with right course of conduct, leads through Wisdom, the artificer of all things, to the Ruler of all — a Being difficult to grasp and apprehend, ever receding and withdrawing from him who pursues. For God is not in darkness or in place, but above both space and time, and qualities of objects.For never ought those who are envious and perturbed, and still infidel in conduct, shameless in barking at investigation, to dip in the divine and clear stream of the living water.For it is not many who understand such things as they fall in with; or know them even after learning them, though they think they do, according to the worthy Heraclitus.