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The wall builder became the first sitting President to visit the wall, where he asked God for wisdom 6 months and 14 days later (6/14 is Trump’s birthday) on December 6th he would declare the City of David Israel’s capital.Trump mentioned sovereignty 21 times in a speech heralding a new American worldview.So whether you think Trump is the God appointed leader, an ass, or both, God speaks through him. The 7 words Trump officials banned the CDC from using are now being projected on Trump Hotel.“Fetus,” “entitlement,” “diversity,” “transgender,” “vulnerable,” “evidence-based” and “science-based.” Remove these words and the subject matter that extends from them and you have a year of headlines that looks quite different.1984 is 2017’s surprise best-seller.In May, he became the first sitting President to visit THE wall.He did something that would forever change world history and do more to accelerate end times events than anything in the last half century. The Jerusalem declaration, against the better judgment of his advisers and world leaders, would never had happened apart from this.

In the middle there is a sea where dead sleepers lie, listening to the siren call, a lullaby of vanity in our matrix.

Artificial Intelligence has grown leaps and bounds along with quantum computing. On all fronts, science, entertainment and finance we are poised to see the most rapid and life altering advancements yet to be witnessed.

That which we would expect to take 10 years is now condensed into 1 year.

In the photos of his visit to the wall you see an awkward child, wearing on his face the palpable expression…”what has The Donald gotten himself into”.

In that moment he was the boy Solomon “This moment would shape his Presidency more than any single event.