Are jade and beck dating

(i Party with Victorious) ~~ Penny (Tori): I don't know! (Penny (Tori) turns around and begins to walk away.) Penny (Tori): Because I'm beautiful? Tori: Angrily throwing books into my locker can't you tell? (Tori reaches out to touch Beck's chin) (Beck leans in) (Tori touches Beck's chin) Tori (as unnamed character): More hope. ") (They hold onto each other.) Beck and Tori (as unnamed characters): AHHHH! Bellhop (Beck): I can wait, for you I would wait a thousand years. Bellhop (Beck): I know I'm poor, I know I don't have much to offer, but I do love you. Official Food: Hamburgers, because of the following video. Tori the Hamburger Official Drink: Pink Lemonade, because of the cute little conversation they had about why the lemonade is pink in "The Wood ." Official Mascot: Zombies, because Tori was wearing a zombie mask in "Tori The Zombie" when her and Beck first sang together during the play. Tori: Yes, look I put a stripe on it, can't you see the stripe? Bellhop (Beck): I don't love you because you're beautiful, (While walking up behind her) (Bellhop (Beck) reaches out and grabs her shoulder and turns her around) Bellhop (Beck): You're beautiful because I love you. (Tori slams her locker) Beck: Have you figured out how to decorate it yet? ended in 2013, Avan Jogia still likes to reflect on the show.Especially when he stumbles across mind-boggling pictures from the set he has no recollection of taking.

Let's do it (leans in and kisses Tori) Tori: "Man, I love this school! Bori is the pairing of Beck Oliver and Tori Vega (B/eck and T/ori). (They hug each other until Jade walks over and counts down) (Beck's Big Break) ~~ Beck: Hey, why is it pink? Can you believe Bori might actually happen (kind of)?!"Tori: (flirtatiously) "I know what will make you feel better". Beck is seen in the show as trying to welcome Tori to Hollywood Arts and becoming close friends with her, causing Jade to become jealous of their interactions. There's a flash cut to some B-roll footage, then the intro flashes back to the moment AFTER Victoria kissed Avan in the pic above.He's seen cracking up while Liz looks at Victoria off screen in shock.