Association of dating and matchmaking agencies in singapore

It's your local ministry and taxpayer dollars at work.

According to the Love Byte "About Us" page, the site is meant to work in conjunction with private dating sites.

The problem is that in order for these programs to work the individuals themselves have to care that they are alone.

The state has invested millions in a program with a goal to solve a co-ordination problem that very likely does not exist; it is founded on a faulty premise that if only people could find each other they will marry and have families." MATCH, ONLINE DATING, MATCH.

Its citizens are waiting too long to get married, if they marry at all, meaning fewer people are having children, and the economy may soon suffer for it.

But we know the island nation's government has a hands-off philosophy, right?

We have a local and international clientele covering Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, UK, France, Germany and USA.Will the public-private model work to enhance romance and "inculcate" a new attitude among wealthy young adults?It must be comforting to know that state cares that you are alone.The stated goal is to tap "an informal network of interested individuals to engender a pro-marriage culture and help bring singles together."Doesn't that sound romantic?!The move was based on more than a hunch, of course.