Blind spots dating

But if any of the descriptions seem strange, incongruous, or flat-out false, consider the possibility that your image of yourself may not be accurate—and almost certainly doesn’t correspond to what other people perceive.By the way, you may well discover that you’re blind to your positive characteristics as well as negative ones.Or the coworker who complains that, mysteriously, every single person he’s ever worked for develops the identical delusion that he’s shiftless and incompetent.As we roll our eyes at such obliviousness, some of us might think, You can find the answers if you care to—or more accurately, if you dare to.Steve’s three ex-wives all had extramarital affairs.No one in Corrine’s life—her children, her coworkers, her mother—ever responds to her feelings.

If so, Shirley will almost certainly develop a dog allergy. People consistently describe you in a way that doesn’t fit your self-image.Most of us have such psychological “blind spots,” aspects of our personalities that are obvious to everyone but ourselves.There’s the mother who complains, “I don’t know why little Horace is so violent—I’ve smacked him for it a thousand times.” Or your gorgeous friend who believes she has all the seductive allure of a dung beetle.The tracks that a blind spot leaves are repetitive experiences that seem inexplicable, the things that make you exclaim, Why does this always happen to me? You keep having the same relationship with different people.All of Macy’s friends are “takers,” emotional parasites who drain her and give nothing back.