Dating english registry marks

This translator gives an easy to use method of dating, and finding the manufacturer of, any antique glass item registered in England between 18 It can also be used to give the correct date of design registration for any china, metal, paper or other non-glass registered lozenge but NOT the manufacturer.Firstly, You need to determine which Victorian time period the English glass registration lozenge (or Victorian glass registration 'diamond' date mark as it sometimes called) that you are translating belongs to by confirming in which corners the numbers and letters are in reference to the two lozenge diagrams above.Ornamental or decorative designs were registered for copyright under a series of Acts of Parliament (see table headings at section 6).Registration protected the decorative elements of the design from being copied and manufactured without permission.The marks were often stamped irregularly into ceramics or metalware and printed on top of the glaze.Most marks have either not taken properly or have worn over time and are difficult to read.Famous companies such as Wedgwood, Meissen, Doulton, Minton, Derby and Worcester all use a variety of numerical or symbolic china marks that can, with just a little knowledge and analysis, give you the exact date of production.

The fact is the markings that are stamped, painted or impressed on the underside of most antique items can help you tell a great deal about a piece other than just who made it.

The translator contains all glass design registrations for the period 18.

So, if no registration result is returned then it means the combination of characters that were selected was incorrect (See 'Wildcards' below for further options).

" character at the bottom of any one of the drop-down character lists.

To view examples of glass items with registration lozenges visit my: VICTORIAN GLASS GALLERY For information on the history of English design registration visit: THE UK PATENT OFFICE For additional information on English design registrations visit: THE BRITISH LIBRARY - 'Patent, Trademarks & Designs' This glass information site is non-commercial and is thus dependent on donations and sponsors to stay online.

Dating english registry marks