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For questions or comments related to the AKEPIC project, procedures for collecting or submitting presence/absence data, or non-native plant identification or systematics, please contact Justin Fulkerson (primary contact).

To submit data, please contact Nancy Norvell (data manager).

Note that large waves continue to arrive for several hours after the initial wave.

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report, map plates, GIS and data files, and animations.

When she was released at 16, she earned her GED and went on to pursue her AA, but found that some of her educational opportunities—particularly a degree in nursing—were limited because of her juvenile record.

In 2008, Margaret Stevenson (left) started the Record Clearance Project (RCP), which trains undergraduate students at San José State University to assist people with criminal records throughout the expungement process.

In addition, ACCS has compiled biographies for over half of the 350 non-native plant species that are known or likely to occur in Alaska.

In collaboration with biologists, land managers, and weed scientists across the state, ACCS has developed an invasive plant ranking system that helps evaluate the potential invasiveness and impacts of non-native plants to natural areas in Alaska (Carlson et al. With funding support from the US Forest Service, the Alaska Association of Conservation Districts, and the University of Alaska, we have ranked approximately 170 non-native plant species to date.