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We can occasionally see new people who rushed to put pictures in, and didn't take the time to use this small feature, such that when you search your area, you find thirty faces, and one left leg.

My own guess about this little story, is that the OP stumbled across a not-yet-reported fake profile by a scammer, and "she" was angry at being discovered.

And if you had any smarts, you would have cut contact the minute you saw that pic. Once you go to the actual profile and view the photos, the "cropping" is no longer.

Obviously, you are not the sharpest tool in the toolbox either. And just so ya know, POF only goes after photos that actually have been "reported" by us, the users.

In other words, if you don't want someone to see something that is in a pic, do your "cropping" BEFORE downloading any pic here.

You hear this kind of thing every day I think I'll join POF...what picture should I use????

That, or she was a real fool, and his "informing" emails weren't nearly as "polite and respectful and friendly" as he pretends here.

Euphemisms like "I "did" share with her how that photo inspired me" (he sent explicit descriptions of his "interest"), and "I realized that I might have met this person after she had something like Botox done on her face," (i.e., he thought it was fun to write to her saying she was a wrinkly mess of muck) show how insincere he is even with us here.

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