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IF SEX=1 can also be coded as IF MALE in Procedure division. If multiple values are coded on VALUE clause, the first value will be moved when it is set to true.This clause can be specified with alphanumeric and alphabetic items for right justification. OCCURS Clause is used to allocate physically contiguous memory locations to store the table values and access them with subscript or index.A set of computerized business procedures in an application area is called information systems. When your program moves from one computer to another computer, the only section that may need to be changed is ENVIRONMENT division. Redefining declaration should immediately follow the redefined item and should be done at the same level. Size of redefined and redefining need not be the same. The word COBOL is an acronym that stands for COmmon Business Oriented Language. They are ZERO/ZEROS/ZEROES, QUOTE/QUOTES, SPACE/SPACES, ALL, HIGH-VALUE/HIGH-VALUES, LOW-VALUE/LOW-VALUES. It can take a value from the set of integers between 01-49 or from one of the special level-numbers 66 77 88 Variable name can have 1-30 characters with at least one alphabet in it.Detail explanation is given in Table Handling section.It is used to access the data that are external to the program.These large labs usually have the staff and resources to insure more accurate results. It is always safest to have an abnormal test result confirmed on more than one occasion before deciding that it is truly significant.

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COBOL is a high-level programming language first developed by the CODASYL Committee (Conference on Data Systems Languages) in 1960. Level# $ $ Picture clause $ Value clause $ Usage Clause $ Sync clause.Any unfilled field of the receiving filed is filled with spaces.When the length of receiving field is shorter than that of sending field, then receiving field accepts characters from left to right until it is filled.JCL can send maximum 100 characters to a program thru PARM.Linkage section MUST be coded with a half word binary field, prior to actual field.