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Then click Ctrl U or right-click and select View page source or similar depending on your browser.Search down the page for a phrase like this: “TNA/R39/0882/0882G/015/37”. From that list you should be able to recognise your family either because you know their names, or simply because they will share a common surname.You will also know if there are more that you don’t recognise by comparing the number you do with the total number given on the earlier preview screen.In my example you will see that is two, one shown and “1 more person on this record”.As of 1st December FMP have finally removed ALL easily viewable sources of the TNA reference.They ARE still there, hidden in encrypted references such as “tnnco3qcnsmp ru2z4oekvkiqh sjug62cqkwjfe 5zld5yabyv4cwq”. If you are well versed in the black arts of hacking this is not particularly hard to decode.

The basic concept is that searching the database costs nothing.When you apply for credit the process usually involves you giving your permission to the credit provider to check your credit report.The term ‘credit provider’ doesn’t only include banks and credit card companies but also mail-order companies and, for example, providers of mobile telephone services – if you have a phone contract (but not if you’re on a pay as you go deal).I also have “5 more people who are officially closed”, which matches exactly the living children in this family (my mother and her siblings) at that time.You also have their full names, perhaps some alternative names (shown in brackets on the results list) and their year of birth.