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She started auditioning by submitting audition tapes to different casting agencies. She was discovered in June 2013 at John D'Aquino's Young Actors Intensive talent workshop in Dallas.

Watching Anything for Love for the first time and seeing your character as a medical professional in this too. Ok @paulgreenemedia can be on my TV screen anyday, but being Dr.

If you waste time, which is something we all do, there can be no valid excuse for a position in life that isn’t to your liking. It must include the ability to control your own thoughts and it must include discipline. A good heart is useless if you lack the discipline to ACT with goodness. Goodness is something that all men should be, and to be good is to act with goodness and compassion, intention, as it always is, is useless. To develop grit you have to take it upon yourself to make difficult decisions, to choose pain and strain over ease.

What man can call himself intelligent if he can’t make intelligent decisions? The more intelligent you are, or the more knowledge you gain, the more your life should improve and the greater impact your life should have on others. I know too many who are good within their hearts but lead selfish lives that oppose who they are. Make this choice once daily, simply because you want to become tougher, and it doesn’t have to be ground-breaking stuff.

Come to grips with this universal fact, that you’re closer to your death with every word you read. It can seem like a long haul, an arduous road, but it’s only on these paths filled with work and strife and effort that we use our time as best we can, if we’re not engaged fully throughout the day on something important we’re giving our time to nothing, and we’ll regret this very deeply some day in the near future. If you gain self-control in all things, you gain complete power over your life.

We have fears for a reason, they protect us from doing stupid things or taking silly risks, but they’ve become debilitating for many.