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They may be less comfortable with closeness and trust, find it difficult to depend on others or be depended upon.On average their relationships last about half as long as those with the more secure style.And it's one that tends to go by the way when lives become busy. Your disagreements are something that both of you must take an active role in managing.Remember how curious you were to learn the details of each other's lives when you were getting to know one another? Planning and dreaming together are bonding for both genders.You'll be surprised how the anticipation will whet your appetite--just like it did when you were dating.Introduce new forms of novelty to compensate for the inevitable diminishing partner novelty.But now that couples postpone marriage and often live together, it is common for passion to subside--often well before the wedding or soon thereafter.

According to researchers, different attachment styles rooted in early experiences with parents play an important role in bonding: Most of us have what the experts call a secure attachment style based on a comfortable balance of closeness and independence in their intimate relationships.

Appreciate the male need to bond through shared activities.

Make time for the intimate talking that women usually prefer for bonding--but make it easier for him by scheduling it at a good time, setting a time limit on these discussions, and limiting any negativity. Schedule a regular date night, especially if things are slowing down.

They tend to be relatively self-confident, accepting and supportive in relationships.

Many people with colder and/or rejecting early attachment experiences continue to have some degree of difficulty with romantic bonding during adult life.