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Many dogs, including Red Cross dogs, performed heroically.

In one battle, Prusco, a French dog, located and dragged more than 100 wounded men to safety.

Because they wore the Red Cross symbol, these dogs were, in theory, protected from being shot by the enemy.

Often, the dogs simply provided comfort and a warm body to dying men on battlefields.

Despite his postwar stardom, Stubby has faded from memory in the century since the war commenced.

But his story is worth revisiting, and not just as a cute, curious footnote.

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He met three sitting presidents, traveled the nation to veterans’ commemorations, and performed in vaudeville shows, earning .50 for three days of theatrical appearances, more than twice the weekly salary of the average American.Out of hiding and free to roam the freighter, Stubby proved popular with the crew.A machinist onboard fashioned Stubby his own set of metal “dog tags.” By the time the troops disembarked in the port of Saint-Nazaire on France’s western coast, Stubby was the 102 The story of dogs in warfare is an old one, stretching back to antiquity.He was not an impressive sight: short, barrel-shaped, a bit homely, with brown and white brindled stripes. military, but Conroy had managed to keep the stray as a pet throughout his three-month training in Connecticut.Stubby lingered around Camp Yale after that first appearance. Conroy faced a problem: What to do about the dog he had adopted and named Stubby? Getting Stubby to Europe would be a more daunting challenge.