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It is very obviously artificial and nothing more than a promotion video for the song. This will be underscored with both sounds and music which will, relate to, and round- off, SONNY's song. SONG: "THE MOON DRENCHED SHORES OF TRANSYLVANIA" SONNY (V. Or, more accurately, peeking in on your blind date in the shower. SOMEONE HAS TO LOSE SO THAT SOMEONE ELSE CAN WIN IT'S A CHRONIC TRAGICOMIC KIND OF TRICK IF I HAD A BIT OF SENSE I'D JUST SIT HERE ON THE FENCE AND PRETEND TO BE AN EMPTY HEADED HICK (BUT) I WAS BORN TO BE THE VICTIM BORN A PAWN WITHOUT THE SYSTEM THAT'S THE THING THAT MAKES ME SICK YES, I ALWAYS GET THE SHORT END OF THE STICK.

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I'm not sure exactly when this was originally written, but the context of the setting would suggest between 19.

No offense to Mormons, but he'd fit right into their missionary 'look'. It's just that, well, as Chief of this Agency and as ah ...

LORD DE LORDY: First cousin to the Old Queen and next in line (he hopes) for the Royal Deck Chair. RAY Yes sir, I sure am proud of that boy of mine, he's never given me one day's trouble in his life.

I also can't verify that this /was/ written by Richard O'Brien. or an Alien that didn't turn out to be something quite normal and understandable.

That is, the hand of God didn't place this in my lap. RAY I've been Chief of this agency for more years than I care to remember, Agent Majors and I've never seen a U. And, another thing, do you really think for one minute that monsters from outer space could ever corrupt the people of this great nation? RAY Take my boy for example, he's a lovely boy MARY LOU He surely is and that's the truth. Sure, he dresses a little crazy, but he's young and in show business, and so what if he sings strange songs about other planets.