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Marc eventually turned up at the ground, safe and sound. The game eventually got underway, after the lads had warmed up on no less than 3 different pitches.

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However, picking up his first Mo M of the season was the oldest man on the pitch and Albion’s own Roger Milla, Steve Leslie.

The first 5 minutes of the game played out in a similar fashion.

The Albion going 1 nil down, following a threaded through ball which found the Morden winger one on one with the returning Bill in goal, the winger eventually rounding Bill to put Morden up.

Henri Leconte saw a wide range of voting, including “their #9 for being so hard”, “their player who tried to score from our goal kick” and Will for “avoiding a yellow, despite 3 or 4 reckless tackles”. Firstly, Chaz for a wrestling/jujitsu/judo battle with their #9, reminiscent of the silent fighting scene from the “Other Guys”.

Alongside Chaz, was Woody for picking up a yellow for the most innocuous challenge, despite a previous phase of play during which he was fooled at least 4 times.