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If I am a king, my crown I will give to Him If I am caroler, I’ll sing to Him the best Hymns If I am a shepherd the best lamb I’ll bring If I am an angel, I’d give him my wings.If I am the wise man, I’d give my wealth away If I am a soldier, I’ll die for Him all the way But I’m just a poor little boy with nothing much to give But to offer my little hands and little feet.I really could tell I wrapped several gifts to share I put some stockings near the fireplace So Santa will fill it when he reaches my place. Christmas is the best time of the year It’s filled with fun, laughter and good cheers So I wish the whole world a merry Christmas May overwhelming joy fill our hearts.Christmas is finally here The sound of the carols fill the cold air Singing joyfully those Christmas songs And the hearers can merrily sing along.People give so much important to this day as it is the day when the savior Jesus Christ was born.This day is also the day when people have fun, party with coworkers and friends and get together with their family and loved ones.Here you can find a good collection of Famous Christmas Poems as well as Christmas cards with Christmas poems.

The Christmas tree is sparkling With lights and stars hanging Gifts for you and me are wrapped Oh, how nice it is to still be up.I hope you enjoy these simple Christmas poems for children, cards and even for gift tags. Look at below It’s another Christmas Eve Another year it is, it’s hard to believe Tonight we’re going to celebrate It’s the time of the year that we await.Christ was born in a manger Today, He’s King and no stranger Tonight we’re going to celebrate It’s the time of the year that we await.When you say religious Christmas poems, the first thing to come to mind are those Christmas poems about Jesus.Yes, most of the Christian Christmas poems are talking about the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of our savior and how we will celebrate the christmas according to His will.