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Sarah Silverman has turned the tables on a Twitter troll and in doing so, won his friendship. A man that resembles Kevin spacey took that away when I was 8.The comedienne, 47, was called the 'c' word by @jeremy_jamrozy, a Twitter user in San Antonio, Texas. I can’t find peace if I could find that guy who ripped my body who stripped my innocence I’d kill him. me up and I’m poor so its hard to get help.'He then opened up to Silverman explaining how he lives in constant pain due to a bad back, When asked, he told her he takes medication and also smokes weed to try and alleviate it.So if college students are saying it’s not cool to say something, they’re probably correct. ” And he’d say that even the dumbest note from the scuzziest network executive is valuable because it gives us boundaries, and when you have to work within boundaries, you get so much more creative. But now we have a president that’s an arrogant ignorant, so it’s not my thing anymore. I know this is a clumsy and reductive question, but do you think your work has — or had — a feminist function?My work is feminist because the things I say are coming out of the body of me, a human feminist.And making poop jokes.” It’s been such a grim couple of weeks in the news, and the mood reminded me of something you said earlier this year on a talk show, about Donald Trump’s presidency making you feel dead inside. I’d be like, “Mom, this is good that you care, but every once in a while you gotta watch a is that you talk to people with whom you don’t have much politically or culturally in common — you go have dinner with a family in Louisiana that’s never met a Jew before. There are other shows that do it brilliantly: They interview someone and those people say real dumb shit and it’s very exposing. I’m interested in how people’s porcupine needles go down.How do you push back against that kind of discouragement? If we’d heard about a show where, I don’t know, the idea was “ has dinner with New York Jews,” we’d be pretty skeptical about its purpose. I want people’s defenses to go down so that we can connect.If you get a one-on-one opportunity with someone who disagrees with you politically, you get more with kindness and warmth than you do by saying, “Here’s this fact and this fact and this fact and this fact.” How does that emotional connection then turn into getting someone to actually change his or her politics? It’s like how people accept that don’t get married. It’s just because “it’s how it is.” Anything that happens because “that’s how it is” is something to be skeptical about. I don’t think it’s a bullying joke because it comes from a genuine question. If Abraham was willing to murder his own son for God, would you take a load of cum for God? Abraham might have thought differently about that question if he’d had to answer it in front of a crowd at a comedy show. Comedy has to be a reflection of where you’re at and not something where you’re beholden to a character that got you famous.

'I read ur timeline & I see what ur doing & your rage is thinly veiled pain. And while he described himself in his tweets as anti-social and not trusting of others, he agreed he wold try to seek out help and some therapy.

Sarah Silverman has been slammed on Twitter after mistaking a pair of neon orange construction markings for Nazi swastikas.

The 46-year-old comedian, who is an outspoken opponent of Donald Trump, wrote on Twitter that she was on her way to get coffee when she noticed the 'swastikas' drawn on the sidewalk.

Silverman admitted in a tweet that she sees swastikas in 'everything' since Trump was elected president.

Earlier this month Silverman called for a military coup to overthrow Trump.