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Although you want to trust someone, it is difficult to know who to trust with so many ways to send and save pictures and messages.

The problem with sending anything by text or online is that, once the other person has received the content of your message you no longer have control over who sees it and how far it travels.

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Because of the rise in the use of smart phones and social media, the act of sexting is similar to and also talked about as 'cyber sex'.

Webcams Tips for staying safe Getting help: ZIPIT When someone talks about 'sexting' they usually mean sending a nude (naked) photo of themselves to someone through their mobile phone.

The average adult needs about 85mls to properly cover their whole body once - and should normally apply it twice daily.

This means one person should use about six average (200 ml) bottles for seven days in the sun, and a family of four (with 2 adults and 2 small children) should take a staggering 20 bottles.

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