Sex hookup in naija

Instead, you are required to go straight to the point of the business transaction; “how much are you willing to pay for what you see?

They find Benin attractive because of vibrant nightlife occasioned by the dwindling rate of crime in the city in recent time.

Again, some of them are girls deported from Italy and elsewhere, where they had gone to seek greener pastures.

Although Time Out is regarded as the hottest pub in Benin, it is certainly not the only place sex is sold and bought in the city. A garden like affair with thatched roof, it is a perfect place for fun seekers.

I just need some money to take care of some things.” Asked why she was bartering her womanhood for cash, she quipped: “Na condition bend crayfish.” Although many of the commercial sex workers claimed to be students, investigations revealed that some actually engage in legitimate business in the afternoon but practice prostitution at night to augument their earning.

Some of them work as waitresses in eateries and hotels in the afternoon but at night they transform to sex providers.