Sheer velocity dating in the dark

The systematic topographic decay along the Snake River Plain, totaling 1,300 m, fits a model of lithospheric cooling and subsidence which is consistent with passage of the North American plate across a mantle heat source.

The 16-0 Ma rate of 4.5 cm/yr silicic volcanic, age progression of the YSRP includes a component of southwest motion of the North American plate, modeled at ∼ 2.5 cm/yr, and a component of concomitant crustal extension estimated to be 1 to 2 cm/yr.

Direct evidence for a mantle connection for the YSRP system is from anomalously low, P-wave velocities that extend from the crust to depths of ∼ 200 km.

These properties and the kinematics of the YSRP are consistent with an analytic model for plume-plate interaction that produces a “bow-wave” or parabolic pattern of upper-mantle flow southwesterly from the hotspot, similar to the systematic patterns of regional topography and seismicity.

Anomalously low P-wave velocities in the upper crust of the Yellowstone caldera are interpreted as solidified but still hot granitic rocks, partial melts, hydrothermal fluids and sediments.

Unprecedented deformation of the Yellowstone caldera of up to 1 m of uplift from 1923 to 1984, followed by subsidence of as much as ∼ 12 cm from 1985 to 1991, clearly reflects a giant caldera at unrest.

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Our unified model for the origin of the YSRP is consistent with the geologic evidence where basaltic magmas ascend from a mantle plume to interact with a silicic-rich continental crust producing partial melts of rhyolitic composition and the characteristic caldera-forming volcanism of Yellowstone.

Cooling and contraction of the lithosphere follows the passage of the plate over the hotspot with continuing episodic eruptions of mantle-derived basalts along the SRP.

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