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Physician compensation is tightly controlled by the government and insurance companies. Two weeks ago your insurance company sent you a check for ,200 to forward to me for all my surgical and office fees.” “Yeah, so?

Medicine is also the only profession where its members are required to sometimes work for free.

But many other physicians are not as satisfied - a recent study by Medscape revealed that 49% of doctors believe they're not fairly compensated. A kind, competent physician, his new, fledgling practice consisted of reconstructive surgery.

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average computer and information system manager earns 5,660 per year. One-quarter of critical care physicians spend more than 65 hours per week with their patients, not including time doing paperwork. “Yeah, I’m really happy with how things have turned out,” he replied. I cashed it and spent it.” “Dave, why would you do that?

Unlike most other professions, there is a ceiling to what most doctors can earn. “So Dave, this is a little awkward for me, but I need to ask you something.