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When two dead bodies come into the ER, Paula and Arthur are forced to deal with the harsh realities of living in Los Angeles.

Ashley befriends a new girl named Josie, who Spencer does not approve of.

He is looking forward to forging his own identity, but finds that "being black" in L. Aiden and Spencer are there to support her, but find themselves making music of their own with a little alcohol in their systems.

Ashley is jealous when she sees Spencer kiss Aiden, which shows that she has started to have feelings for Spencer.

On the home front, Paula and Arthur start couples counseling and try to work out their ever-mounting problems.

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When it comes out that Clay is a virgin, it seems like everyone has their own advice to offer him.

At home, Glen and Aiden arrange a poker game and almost lose their shirts to Arthur.

Spencer waits for Ashley to come by because she is worried about her. Ashley almost tells Spencer that she loves her, but covers up by saying she loves the brownies instead.

Another love triangle forms when Spencer and Ashley almost kiss, but Aiden walks in on them.

Clay and Sean have a night from Hell as they are on their way back from the movies.

South of nowhere 1x06 girls guide to dating