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The Panama runner-up and ‘third wheel’ in the Parvati/Russell alliance in Heroes vs Villains, Danielle brought attention for her amazing pair of…eyes.

She also was a feisty character who wasn’t afraid to speak her mind as well as being physically dominant in challenges.

Easily one of our most requested guests, the hunt is on for Miss Haskell, and we just hope we won’t end up in Pakistan looking for her. Which is sad, because there is so much to this bubbly Hawaiian that people missed out on! She was named the hottest Survivor contestant from the first 8 seasons on the All-Stars reunion, and while she has only just scraped into the top 10 on our list, she still stands the test of time as one of the hottest women the show has ever seen. But Elisabeth still cracks the top 10, and was the personification of the girl every guy wanted to marry in 2001 during the second season.

One of the many who were duped by Russell, she still was memorable and sexy enough for 6 of you to make her enter the top 20!

Ashley isn’t the only blonde from Samoa to appear on the list.

Not a bad feat to consider that 11 winners are considered amongst the 50 sexiest contestants of all time.

The first such contestant is the beautiful Danni Boatwright, who recently made a rare appearance on this very show.