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This is the most cost-effective solution to resurface and repair your swimming pool with long-lasting results.

Also available in DIY Pool Paint packages, or we can refer you to one of the registered contractors to do the pool repair and resurfacing for you.

When making use of one of our listed dealers/contractors you can rest assured that they have contractually undertaken to adhere to this guarantee. Our full guarantee and conditions can be viewed on the Guarantee page.

Benefits of an Epoxy Pool Paint System Discovering the secret DIY - Can I do it myself and save? Prevent permanent damage in time No more algae stains - the proof The pitfalls - why buy our swimming pool paint?

The pool had to be scrubbed and treated on an ongoing basis. The painting was done over a period of three days in 2001.

I personally for a period of almost a year to try and keep my pool clean from algae. The answer came when I found out about Pool Solutions' epoxy paint for swimming pools The process was very simple. The impressive part was the preparation and scrubbing and cleaning.

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Our first test-pool was coated in 1997 and was still in use with the original coating when we re-visited it during 2008.Our product can be used in conjunction with salt chlorinators set to the minimum required dosage. You can now relax and play all day with this smooth, gloss epoxy pool paint system. Our pool paint epoxy, although gloss and shiny, offers better grip to your skin than fiberglass.I was giving up hope trying to overcome the problems with Black Algae sticking on the sides and the floor of my marble plaster pool, nothing helped to clean them.(More details further below.) See the reports on the right from satisfied clients, some who reported up to 10 years product performance. Maintenance is a breeze with an epoxy-coated swimming pool; in fact you can keep your pool sparkling clean and blue with a simple HTH month pack floater and forget about it most of the time.Many clients have reported a 50% saving on chemicals and pool maintenance costs. Have you experienced those bleeding toes after hours of playing in a marble-plastered swimming pool?