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I’m also a contributor at Personal Defense Network, where he’s the Editor, and I host the Training Talk show at their site.One could opine that I cannot be completely neutral, and I would agree with that contention, but I also promised Rob that I would not pull any punches in my analysis.Pick those that Pincus did, and you can show that its performance (especially for a svelte subject like Christina) is inferior to that of a stance which relies on skeletal support rather than muscle (isometric) tension.(I think this is the weakest part of Pincus’ video, but I’ll get to that later.) If you modify the classic Weaver enough, as Owens’ pictures of modern-day Gunsite clearly show, you can make it out to be superior in some aspects of performance to other stances.Again, details vary and can be different even with very well-informed instructors, but the most important is that you can find many instructors who call this stance a Weaver or a “modified” Weaver; like Ayoob, I refer to it as the Chapman.

I say “relatively” because, of course, I know Rob and have worked with him on projects in the past.

To cite any particular collection of details and say that it is “the” undisputed Weaver Stance is really impossible.

We can only look at Weaver stance in the aggregate.

By now it should be clear Owens’ third assertion, that the “real” Weaver stance is taught at Gunsite, is unsupportable.

Since the available photographic evidence shows that Gunsite’s legendary founder, Jeff Cooper, did not adopt a stance that really looks much like what Owens’ own pictures show, it’s impossible to conclude that this is the case.