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For updated tutorials look for a PDO or My SQLi tutorial. This tutorial will show you how to use j Query to allow as list (UL) to be reordered and will also make an AJAX call to a PHP file that will update the database when an item is dropped.

I found this useful for a project I was working on recently.

However, both products can be used for building a data warehouse (OLAP).

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When an item is dropped, we want to call a php file to update the database. So when dragging stops, the script will call the url (updatedb.php) we provided below.

To make the AJAZ called, we let j Query do the work. We tell it what type of request, in this case wer’ll use get variables.

When the report is generated we simply order by that field. Now on the database server I am going to create a database call test_tutorials, with a table called report_items.

This tutorial requires: First you are going to need to download j Query Ui. Here are the field properties for the report_items table: Now populate your table with some test data. Also make sure you insert the display order starting from 0. We are going to pull the intial data from the database.