Walkthrough for dating simulator

When Emmett offers to return your handkerchief, choose option 1: "Um, sure.But how are you going to give it back to me if you're leaving? You will be able to meet Emmett again at The Train Station on or after Day 10.Cole can also be unlocked using the cheat code guyaissecretlyace. In the present, use your computer in The Emerald Apartment and click on the Firecat icon.Choose the only android that is not sold out, AI Series 02: Oz. The cheat code screwtherulesihavemoney can also be used to unlock Oz.In addition, knowing what each dad date entails may bring you closer to unraveling the mystery behind Joseph’s secret ending.To help you beat the game, we’ve put together a guide on how to unlock all dad endings in Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator. Try to get hearts, but don’t if it’ll cost you getting trampled (not actually sure what they do tbh).

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Don’t worry too much about bumping into people, but try not to.

I found the level of antagonism toward the player to go beyond "fun" into "well f*** you, too," territory.

Like a platformer that's beyond hard for the sole purpose of being hard.

Like gift giving, you can't go on dates without talking to a character for a while.

Once you have enough successful dialogues with the character, a cut scene will play and after it ends you will be able to go on dates with them.