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They proceed to have the hottest, loudest sex of her life right before her husband’s eyes.

” He nods, takes a seat and begins masturbating while his wife eagerly goes down on the other man.

A muscular, middle-aged guy comes home with one of his friends. The husband makes a proposition: Turns out, he’s always fantasized about watching her have sex with another man. If you’ve ever browsed Xtube or Porn Hub, you have undoubtedly seen this and other so-called “cuckold” scenarios played out over and over again.

Together, they approach his hot wife, who happens to be lying on the couch and wearing the shortest dress she owns. But why would porn made by, and for, heterosexual guys so often depict men who take pleasure in letting other men have sex with their wives?

These findings suggest the provocative possibility that men are “wired” to find cuckold scenarios arousing because they promote behaviors that help their own sperm win a raging intra-vaginal sperm war.

Not everyone is convinced that sperm competition is the key, though.

In an age where pornographers are practically responding to viewers’ demands in real-time, porn-consumers have made it clear that watching someone’s wife bang a random guy is a top priority.

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Of course, men have less to fear from cuckoldry today.

They were documented in the writings of Freud and others long before the pill was ever invented—so we know men today aren’t into cuckoldry just because it has become “safe.” In the popular discourse, there’s no shortage of theories on the origins of cuckold fantasies, or in the vocabulary of psychologists.

Columnist Dan Savage has advanced the notion that these fantasies are an eroticization of a man’s anxiety that his wife will cheat.

Often, these guys aren’t writing just to share their fantasy; they’re anxious to find out if this desire is “normal” or healthy for an otherwise sexually fulfilled straight guy in a committed relationship.

Without delving into the issue of what it means for a fantasy to be “normal,” my answer to these men, should I have to wager a professional opinion, is that it’s perfectly fine to entertain this one. From an evolutionary perspective, the idea that a guy would take pleasure from watching his wife with another man is counterintuitive.